ContextLogic Inc. (WISH) time to get in?

E-commerce is not just Amazon, which, moreover, has recovered from one of the most violent gap-downs since its listing.

There are interesting realities, such as Shopify, eBay, and Wish.

Wish is the most recent in terms of listing, we are talking about December 2020, so just over 6 months of “life”.
The price had one of the most classic movements of an IPO: a good initial uptrend, followed by profit-taking and total lack of interest on the part of large investors.

What did not impress was negative EPS during a very prosperous period for e-commerce due to the pandemic.

Recently, however, once the price hit $ 8, volumes increased considerably, a sign that interest in the company (ContextLogic inc.) Has clearly grown.

The price is in a lateral phase even though we had a rising low on July 19th, then retested on July 27th.
Rumors are expected on the Earnings in August, to have a reversal of the trend, we should see the 14.32 level broken upwards, with good volumes, very important at a volumetric level.

Personally, I could risk entering even earlier, with a very tight stop.

We will see, a lot will depend on the data that the company releases.

From a technical point of view, the whole zone between 10 and 7 dollars is interesting for an entrance.

For those who are more conservative, a re-test of the $ 14.32 level after breaking it could be interesting.

For the targets, in addition to the psychological thresholds of $ 20 and $ 30, the $ 18 and $ 28 must certainly be reported.

Lazy Bull


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